Sunday walk at Hoi Ha Wan

Today we went for an easy “walk” , once again in Sai Kung.

I know we spend a lot of time there, but it’s so green, lush and enormous that we can’t really get tired of it!

In fact it was my first time to go “inside” Sai kung. Let me explain:

Sai Kung is very big district (as shows the below image) and we always hang out in Sai Kung Town (red circle on the picture), which basically is at the entrance of the massive country park. Today we went to Hoi Ha Wan (orange circle). To get there we had to endure 30 mins crazy minibus driving.


We had nice weather and views, as usual but we had a few bonuses today:

  • 1 lone Monkey
  • Cows (in the middle of the road)
  • A boar. This one just popped out of the shrubbery by the road, ran straight up to the (moving) minibus, decided it was too big to attack and ran off again.

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