Fun activity in Hong Kong: Hike from Ma On Shan to Sai Kung

Today we went hiking again, but this time it wasn’t just Jeff & I, we went with my colleagues – which also happen to be my mates.

In the past few weeks the work crew has decided to spend more time together outside of work as friends and it’s been great. Since Jeff loves hiking it was a good way for him to meet everyone.

Since we work for a French company most of us (99%) speak French, even the Hong Kong people in the group have studied in French speaking countries and therefore have some kind of understanding of the language. I was a bit worried everyone would speak French and Jeff would get left out, but most people made an effort and spoke to him in English or Cantonese so he was fine.

We hiked from Ma On Shan to Sai Kung, and I was bit worried at first because after browsing the web it seemed this hike was “not one for the faint hearted”, with lots of going up mountains and lasting 7 hours….

It’s true it’s not an easy peasy hike, however it wasn’t hard either.

We started at 1:15pm and finished around 4:00pm (with plenty of breaks). Of course there are many trails on this route (including the saddle back mountain) but we chose a fairly easy route.

First half was going up the mountain on mainly paved paths, then we reached a scenic spot with paragliders, and the rest of the hike was going down the mountain on a nonpaved, totally rocky path.

After that half the group went home and the rest of us went to an all you can eat BBQ restaurant by the beach.

Was a great day out, nice hike, nice food, nice people.


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