Winter in HK

This is my first winter in Hong Kong and I expected it to be very mild.

To be fair, temperatures range between 10ºC and 21ºC, however with air humidity as high as 70% it feels more like 5ºC!

Most days the sun shines bright and it’s just a little bit chilly outside. But for some reasons locals get the skying gear out :D.

The one thing that’s a little bit… frustrating, is that housing here is not equipped with any kind of heating – whatsoever. So it’s FREEZING inside the flats.

Quick trip to Broadway (Hong Kong version of Argos or Darty) and we had a little fan heater. It did the job great for 3 weeks and then it decided to stop working – shame it only had a 10 day warranty (BTW, I’m pretty sure modern day electronics are programed to die just after the warranty has expired).

So now we walk around the house dressed like we’re on some kind of arctic mission – furry socks, fleecy jackets and all.


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