Since I wasn’t allowed to take annual leave during Xmas week, I had to go on holiday the week before.

My close friend Mei Lin, who was my housemate at uni in England, lives in Taiwan, so it was only normal for Taiwan to be my first holiday destination. Also, the flight is really short (1:30 hours) when you think of the size of mainland China.


The trip was really nice, unfortunately the weather was utter crap all along, until the last day – of course.


I visited 3 cities: Kaohsiung (south), Taichung (center), Taipei (north, capital). But didn’t spend much time in each, which means I will have to go back!


I only have one thing to say: Taiwan is not a country, it’s one big kitchen.

I ate so much it took my stomach one full week to recover. No jokes.



Things I discovered:

  • Taiwan is scooterland. I’ve never seen so many scooters.
  • BBQ squid is delicious
  • Green tomatoes in ginger sauce are even more delicious than BBQ squid.
  • Taiwan is extra cheap.
  • Bubble tea  is tastier in Taiwan, of course.
  • It’s possible to die from over-eating.


I’m so grateful to Mei Lin and her friends for hosting me and showing me around.




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