Fun activity not in Hong Kong: Hot Spring break in Zhuhai

This weekend we went to Zhuhai in mainland China.This town in famous in Hong Kong for it’s hot springs and since travel agencies sell cheap packages Hong Kong people flock to Zhuhai for short breaks.

Basically Hong Kong people have three weekend break cities:

  • shenzen – for massage
  • Zhuhai – for hot springs
  • Macao – for gambling and luxurious hotels


Anyway, after the 1:30 hour ferry and 1:30 hour bus ride we arrived at the resort.

I was really impressed, because not only was it beautiful, but it was also clean and had amazing service.

The resort had around 30 hot spring pools with various flavourings:

  • pure hot spring
  • coffee
  • coconut
  • fruit
  • wine
  • aromatic
  • massage

With water temperature averaging at 41ºc, winter is the best time to enjoy hot springs. I can’t really imagine sitting in 41ºc and then getting out of the water to walk around in 34ºc with 90% humidity…

I must say it was really relaxing and the customers were all generally polite (no one fighting to skip queues like we have seen in the past in China).

The concept is quite simple: sit in the various pools for no more than 15 mins at a time (we don’t want to pass out or cook, do we?).While you do that, staff will serve tea, fold your towel and rearrange your slippers.
Free snacks and fruit are also offered.

Total chillaxing.

One thing is, in Asia white skin is considered beautiful (as opposed to Europe where everyone wants a tan).

So not only did I attract attention by being the only foreigner, but also for being as white as aspirin.Probs didn’t help that I was wondering around in a bikini when most Chinese girls cover up their bodies with special swimsuits or dresses.

I also noticed that many Chinese girls do not shave their armpits and don’t mind showing the fur to everyone around.



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