Credit Cards

I’ve never owned a credit card before, simply because if I don’t have the money I don’t buy.

In France and England my debit cards were visa debit cards, accepted everywhere and anywhere.


In Hong Kong, it’s a different situation.

A debit card is not a visa card and is only accepted at the ATM (to withdraw cash) and in supermarkets (mainly). If you want to buy anything outside the supermarket or without paying cash (to avoid looking like a gangster with a huge wad of notes) you need a visa card.

And visa card = credit card.

So, to buy plane tickets, shoes, pay the restaurant bill… you need a credit card.


Hong Kong people swear by credit cards! They pay EVERYTHING by credit card, so as to cumulate rewards. Many own a multitude of credit cards, since each card has different rewards and partnerships with various stores.


I can’t even imagine the mess it must be to manage 5 credit card accounts.


So, I’ve been looking into (reluctantly) getting one… I’m not good when it comes to finance – or politics – and I’m just lost in the sea of rewards, schemes and of course fees.


Everyone keeps saying that it’s really easy and safe, but with lists of fees as long as my arm, I’m kinda worried.


I only plan on paying big expenses with the credit card and paying the balance in full at the first installment, so I just hope to find a really easy and straight forward card, never mind if it doesn’t have mind blowing rewards like turning into an elephant every time I use it.


3 thoughts on “Credit Cards

  1. I’m having more or less the same dilemma as you – after getting used to a Visa Debit card in the US, I’m mildly appalled that the same thing doesn’t happen here in HK. I don’t want to get a credit card because every card seems to charge an annual fee – which is completely avoidable in the US. But I’m also getting sick of having to carry cash for all the places that don’t take EPS. Good luck! My colleague says you can usually talk the company into waving the annual fee, so either pick the best rate (as Sami suggests) or the rewards you’ll actually use (I’ll probably go for the AsiaAir miles).

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