Latin dance classes

Today Jeff and I went to our first latin dance class 🙂

We are taking a 1 month beginner course twice a week, just for the fun of it really.


The lesson is hosted in a Government owned leisure centre and is therefore very cheap (£7 for one month) and in a dodgy area (mom don’t pass out dodgy areas are generally safe here).

All participants are retired and all are Hong Kong people.

Of course the class is fully in Cantonese, so Jeff translates the essentials, I understand a few easy sentences and I follow the teacher’s steps.


Today we learnt a bit of cha cha, and to my surprised Jeff really enjoyed it.

To be honest I think he’s just happy he can wiggle his bottom in a legit way (as opposed to the usual inappropriate dancing).

I wanted to film us but we are not allowed to do so during class, so it will have to wait!



3 thoughts on “Latin dance classes

  1. You can fim/ take photos of yrselves ouside the lessons. After watching “Dance with Stars” I feel like taking lessons too. The stps are quite difficult, Have fun

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