Jeff’s birthday at OCT East Shenzhen

For Jeffer’s birthday we went just across the border to a Theme park in China.


First of all, the park was MASSIVE, spread out over three different areas on the mountain. We only got to see two parts of the park since we were there for two days. I think to see the park fully about 4 days would be necessary.

It was a sunny weekend and it was crowded, but I guess things like that are always crowded in China…just too many people.


The park was impressive, we had to go from one area to another via cable car and forest train, there was a whole resort area built in the “Swiss style” (Chinese really are good at copying) and even stunt shows.

In the evening we went for dinner in town, and went to a typical restaurant where the tables are just all over the pavement and everyone eats outside.


I must say, I’m glad to be back in Hong Kong, most mainlander (not all of course) just don’t have the same level of manners and politeness.

For the laughs: we saw a group of Iranian ladies shopping for shoes in town, not only did they buy about 6 pairs of shoes, they also spoke really good Chinese. The teenage girl that was with them spoke PERFECT Chinese with the native accent and all. So mom, it seems your fellow countrymen know where to make the money $$$$!



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