Cantonese Course – Hong Kong YMCA

Can’t believe that only a few months back I was a (the queen) couch potato….

I’m up to all sorts of things now: hitting the gym during the week, hiking at the week-end and more recently learning Cantonese twice a week.


I’m taking a one month beginner Cantonese course at the Hong Kong YMCA.

It’s every Tuesday and Thursday and lasts 2 hours.


I know quite a few bits and bobs, but I think it’s best to start with the beginner lessons to make sure I know the fundamentals well.


It’s not an academic course, so what we do is learn daily expressions, numbers, times…. to be able to waffle a bit in the language.

Since the course is so short (one month) it’s quite fast paced but the teacher will do her best to revise everything regularly.

Our class has 20 students, some British, Australians and South East Asians.


I’m glad I can practice at home and work, I’ve been going round the office talking to the Hong Kong people as much as possible…they tend to get overly excited and start talking to me in fluent Cantonese and I have no idea what they are saying.

It seems to have put me in the good books since not a single foreigner in the company has learnt to say anything more than thanks/hello (not even the people who have been in Hk for 10 years +).


So now I can swear (very very well), introduce myself, count, talk about money, about time, about transports and complain in Cantonese.

My teacher was quite impressed with me, she didn’t believe I had only arrived 3 months ago (I’m not blowing my own whistle!).

One this course is finished I may register for the intermediate level not too sure yet~~~



For people in Hong Kong looking at learning Cantonese here are the details:

1 month beginner Cantonese course,  Hong Kong YMCA in Tsim Sha Tsui, every Tue & Thu 7-9pm,  HKD 1180

(call them or pop in for latest dates, their website is hardly updated)







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