Shing Mun Reservoir Hike

Hiking is always fun, especially when there’s amazing views.

Today we went for a 3 hour hike round Shing Mun reservoir. It was quite easy because 95% of the hike was flat with nice paths.

I was quite surprised to see monkeys, but it’s quite logic that they do not only live in monkey hill… These ones where quite naughty, going through the bins, throwing the litter everywhere and fighting amongst each other for the food.

This trail must be quite famous because there where hikers from Mainland China, Korea…

One side of the reservoir is also part of both the Wilson and the Maclehose hiking trails (78km & 100km famous hiking trails in Hong Kong).

We also saw many of the (expert) hikers walking the Oxfam Trail walk for charity.

The scenery was great, maybe worth a painting (wink, wink dad!).


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