Dinner in Stanley and helping a lonely kitten

Friday night we had dinner in Stanley (wealthy town with a lot of expats).

I had a really nice rib eye steak and Jeff had a posh hamburger.

I was nice to have dinner while looking out on the bay.


While we were walking around I suddenly heard tiny meows.

There was a gutter/trench and a very small kitten was sitting at its entrance meowing for attention.

When we approached it, it hopped back into the gutter, that’s when we noticed that it was less than one month old and its left back paw was injured and “out of order”.

We quickly went to the corner shop and bought a small plate and some cat food. The kitty must have smelt it, because it was back at the entrance of the gutter screaming its head off. I made sure to give it only the liquidy parts of the cat food and discard all the big hard chunks of meat, but it must have been starving because it ate the whole can.

A passerby tried to help us catch it, but the kitten completely panicked and started running around on its 3 legs. We thought we may be doing more harm, and it may have a heart attack from fear or injure itself more, so we left it. The man said he would feed the kitten since he already feeds a tribe of feral cats a few streets away.


I guess the kitten has a nice hiding spot and will now be fed regularly. I still wonder if I could do anything more, but I know that unless I can bring it home, it is best to leave it… And this tiny kitten is just one of the thousands of feral/abandoned cats living in Hong Kong.




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