Friday Night at the Mid-levels

This evening, after a crap week at work, we decided to have dinner in an area of Hong Kong called Mid-levels.

The mid-levels are a very special area, because they are located on a mountain and to avoid having to walk all the way up, a very long succession of escalators have been built. So long, that they are the longest outdoor escalator in the world.

The escalator runs downhill from 6 am to 10 am and uphill from 10:30 am to midnight every day. Pedestrians travelling in the opposite direction make use of the adjacent stairs and footpaths.

Other point of interest in the mid levels is that Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express (world famous Hong Kong filmmaker) has several scenes shot in the area.

Now the mid-levels are the “western-town” of Hong Kong, where all the white people hang out (never saw so many white people in one go since I’ve landed here). It’s packed with restaurants and bars and the usual vibrant atmosphere. Really nice for a Friday night.

We went for a small and very cute Mexican restaurant, “Taco Loco”, and had Enchiladas and Nachos, ultra yummy!

I really liked the Mid-levels, will be going back!



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