Mainland China Massage Break

This weekend we went to Mainland China for a little massage break.

Since I have a British passport I was able to get a 6 month unlimited entry visa (whereas French nationals can only get 1 entry visas due to political tensions caused by Tibet).

So we went to Shenzhen, which is right next to Hong Kong (1 hour train), on Friday night and came back Saturday evening.

I had a pedicure, a 1 hour leg massage and a 3 hour (yes, yes) full body massage. Total cost: £32/38€ :).

Hong Kong people are always going on about how uncivilised and ill-mannered mainland Chinese are. I think they generalise a bit too much, but it’s true that uneducated mainland Chinese can be a little bit off putting, but it’s the same everywhere.

Some parts of Shenzhen were a little dodgy while others were ultra modern and clean, just like any big city I guess.

One thing that really surprised me was the Chinese nappy concept. The baby’s trousers have a whole on the crotch and the nappy is placed over the trousers, like that no need to take the trousers off when little one has done a popo, you can simply change the nappy right there and then (although a lady said the trousers get dirty since a child cannot aim in the hole).


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