Hitting the Gym

I’ve been a lazy bugger for a couple of years, so I decided t to start some kind of sport (and to drag Jeffers along at the same time).

Here the cost of going to dancing classes once a week is higher than registering at the gym, so we registered at the gym.

On the plus side I can go to dancing, yoga, step, weight lifting classes. On the minus side I have a 12 month contract…and we all know how it goes: ultra-motivated for 3 weeks, then you just stop going and can stick your 12 month contract (and money) where the sun don’t shine.

I’m hoping that since the gym is right next to work and home I’ll stick with it.


I must say, it’s a real stress reliever to go to the gym.

I went for a dancing and yoga class last week and it’s just great to feel my brain switch off for one hour.

The gym is real clean and modern and has an outdoor pool that looks out on the harbor so we can enjoy the skyline while swimming.



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