Shark Fin Soup

When we went for dinner with Jeff’s paternal grand ma (or Ama as they call them here) I didn’t think I’d end up eating shark fins.


Shark fins are nearly always used in soup and this soup is usually served on big occasions such as weddings and big business meetings.

There’s a big polemic about shark fins and how the sharks are left to die fin-less at the bottom of the ocean, so very often the shark fins are substituted with chopped vermicelli or gelatine.


So there I was, in the middle of the family dinner, with my bowl of real shark fin soup. What to do? Refuse to eat it and offend 1 or 2 people? Or eat it just this once and never have it again?

I went for option 2.

Shark Fin Soup Anyone?
Shark Fin Soup Anyone?

So I poured the bright pink vinegar seasoning into the soup (that’s how you’re supposed to do it), mixed it all and tried my first spoonful.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but not this…

The broth is really thick and only tastes of bright pink vinegar, the shark fins have been dried tastelessly chewy… In my humble opinion, it’s not worth sacrificing the poor sharks for this, may as well just stick with the gelatine substitutes.




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