Flower, Bird, Fish markets

I had heard about the bird/flower/fish markets in Hong Kong so we decided to check them out.


Flower shops here are quite pricey, but as you walk along the streets of the so-called flower market (in reality it’s just a street with many flower shops) you discover that you can get flowers really cheap here!

It was so colorful I had to take pictures!

After that we moved on the the bird market.

A small park lined with plenty of little shops selling various birds big or small, but also a place where bird owners bring their pets out for a bit of socialising.

So we got to see parrots saying “doh ze” (thanks) in Chinese when they were given a peanut, others sing happy birthday and some smaller birds happily pooping on their owners shoulders while out for a stroll.


Moved on the the fish market just down the block.

this is the place to get everything you need for your aquarium, the fish are already in plastic bags, ready to go!

We entered a pet shop, and there we saw a puppy Shiba Inu! Just the breed of doggy we want to have in the future.

This little one was just so calm and sweet, although I know these particular dogs are really clever and stubborn.

Anyway, pets will have to wait until we have money and space for them. And hopefully by that time we’ll be mature enough to take on the responsibility of a dog- or cat-or child.



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