Tai Mei Tuk

Jeff told me we were going to see one of the longest bridges in HK this weekend. I couldn’t see the point in this but I know he’s is a good guide so I just followed.

On the way I stuffed myself with Hong Kong style waffles. Their basically the same thing as normal waffles, only the aspect is different: they are like bubble wrap and somehow it makes them a lot more tasty.


When we arrived at Tai Mei Tuk, I realised it wasn’t actually a bridge, it’s a road that goes between the ocean and a water reservoir. We got their just before dusk so we got to see it in daylight, dusk and night. It was full moon and the moon was reflecting itself in the sea, amazing. I wanted to take a photo but the cameras were not good enough.

There were no cars only pedestrians and bikes so it was really relaxed. People where flying kites and fishing.

We met a woman feeding stray cats and she told Jeff her story. She had lung cancer so she moved to the country side to get fresh air. Every day she would come for a walk next to the ocean and everyday she would see the tribes of wild cats. Eventually they got used to her presence so she started feeding them.

Now the cats know her and when she comes for her daily visit they will rub themselves against her bike.

Sad part of the story (there’s always one), many people walk their dogs in the area and let them attack the cats. There are also lots of pythons in the neighboring jungle who feed on the cats. But I guess that’s just normal.


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