Monkey Hill

Hiking again! This time in Kam Shan Country Park a.k.a Monkey Hill due to the large number of monkeys that live there.

The tale has it that these monkeys are the descendants of abandoned per monkeys.

I didn’t expect the hike to be scary, after all monkeys are quite small and civilised… turns out walking on a paths lined by dozens of monkeys on each side as well as a handful grooming each other right in the middle of the path isn’t as easy going as it seems.Especially when the babies try to climb up your legs and the adults get all aggressive to protect them.

My first reflex was to treat the baby monkey like a dog and say a big loud “NO”. It worked, the baby did not climb up my leg but the adult monkeys got quite pissed so we quickly moved on.

We eventually got to a water reservoir where another tribe of monkeys was happily chilling and diving from trees into the water. These ones were a lot more relaxed and we could take photos without being chased by angry macaques.



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